replacing damaged tongue and groove porch flooring

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the legend of zelda: twilight princess

to damage a fire toadpoli, just reflect its lava projectile back with the shield attack. on top of the iron scaffolding, head south until you come to a gap. judge your jump depending on where the torch slug is so you won't get knocked off, then open the chest for 20 rupees. jump back across, and jump across the platforms heading to the ledge on the east. now, we can jump south to the switch to

dead space

when they are at mid-distance, and more often, when a leg is wounded, the brute will fire out an acid pod. the acid pod can be grappled with kinesis and shot back at the brute. brutes can be damaged from their front side as well as their backside. damage from the front side or back side will eventually make them lean over. at that point, isaac

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

to avoid damage from any long falls, intermittently get your deku leaf out and put it away to break your fall. and most likely your arms once at the basement floor, youll see that the chest in the north side of the room is protected by another viney flower. to get rid of it, defeat the 2 boko babas around the room, and preferably the 4

awesomenauts game

ability: tongue snatch - leon throws out his long tongue in front of him, snatching enemies and pulling them back to you while damaging them . costs 135 solar. spiked tongue piercing 3 stages - increases the damage of the tongue snatch. costs 200 solar per stage. tongue stretcher 2 stages - increases the range of the tongue snatch. costs

the legend of zelda: skyward sword

leave your room and follow her upstairs to the 2nd floor of the school and outside. continue along the path she takes. you'll encounter an ugly bat-like cat called a remlit it's actually mia but possessed by a demon . two sword swipes and it will cower from you. you don't actually 'defeat' it as such, so just ignore it once it sneaks off. keep going until you reach a wall with a circular edge

'my life so far'

i sat cross-legged on the floor of the tiny home i'd created out of cardboard boxes. the walls were so high that all i could see if i looked up was the white-painted tongue-and-groove ceiling of

zombies ate my neighbors

this has the same effect as their dying: you have lost a victim. victims 7, 8 and 10 on this level are tourist couples; you won't be able to save 10 without using the speed shoes at the start of the level. however, saving 10 is unnecessary, as you'll have an eleventh victim to save in level 8, which will repair the damage. new players may

golden sun: the lost age

both electric currents should reach the center totem pole. once they do, you will see a close of up gabomba statue coming alive. it will stick its large tongue out and eat the black orb. akafubu will enter through via the tongue. you will see the whole party looking at the statue on the floor below the electricity floor. suddenly, the black orb

tsugunai: atonement

in each amulet, there is a unique groove, and you can embed runes in there. when you embed a rune into an amulet, the rune`s powers are unleashed, and you can cast it as magic. aslo, if you fill the amulet completely with runes, the sealed guardian will revive it. they are called summon beasts. some amulets include: each uisge- amulet with a water demon sealed within vivian- amulet with a


the rockets will hit them for good free damage even if they're far away, and if they happen to close the distance it will get them for even more safe damage. well. i say safe damage but you have to make sure that if they parry you midcombo, you immediately dodge away to avoid their counter attack. plus, you also have to make sure the other guys

tales of vesperia

on the third floor, take a few steps to the left for a scene. geez, the leader of the hunting blades killed a gattuso in one shot, yet we got our asses handed to us by the same thing? not fair after the scene, turn around and you will get a tutorial on fatal strikes. when you throw an enemy off-balance, there's a chance that a colored glyph will surround the enemy. if you see this, quickly

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replacing damaged tongue and groove porch flooring